Achievement requires investment.

Your organization isn't like any other. So why support it with a cookie-cutter fundraising plan?

Let's create a business development platform with specialized strategies that celebrate your mission and further your vision. Your donors will thank you - and so will your bottom line.  

We want you to succeed. If we can help, we will.

If you don't see what you're looking for below (or you're too behind to keep reading), shoot us an email. We can't put everything on a website, after all. If we aren't right for you, we can connect you with friends that are.



Good news! 2017 was the most generous year ever. 

So then where do I find donors? What do they want?

How do I connect with them? And, how do I get them to give?

Does this sound familiar?

Read on to learn about a few of the ways that KAF Catalyst can help your non-profit build a program for sustainable revenue.



Gifts and Grants

Individual Gifts

The people that care about the work you do are the bedrock of a strong fundraising plan. But one size doesn't fit all and today's donors expect (and deserve) personalized attention and stewardship. Don't worry! It is possible to create a strategic program for individual gifts that protects your donors' interests, staff time and most importantly, your organization's mission.  


Gone are the days of ostentatious vocabulary and labyrinthine sentences. (Your relief is palpable). Private, public and corporate foundations are focused on measurable objectives. How does your project meet their funding priorities? Be specific. Be different. Be measurable. We teach a whiz bang course on grant writing, and we write them beautifully too. (Beautiful writing never goes out of style)



Corporate Marketing Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the fastest-growing form of marketing.  

KAF Catalyst is an expert in non-profit sponsorship. We will value your assets as a rightsholder to build a competitive sponsorship platform. We will provide ongoing sales support and point you toward companies that align with your mission and objectives. And we will help you build a program for fulfillment, tracking and reporting to keep your sponsors coming back.

Non-profit sponsorship is labor intensive and it's no cash cow. (Sorry, I know it hurts). But done right, it can yield incredible opportunities for partnership that extend beyond your bottom line. 

What do sponsors want? ROI. Turn-key marketing models that are innovative and unique. Direct access to your audiences. Did we mention ROI?  Association with unforgettable experiences. Volunteer opportunities (CSR is a big deal).




Below are a few of our favorites. We have loads more.

And we can build new, custom workshops especially for you. 


Sponsorship 101

Sponsorship 101 is a 3-hour interactive seminar on the basics of corporate sponsorship. 

  • Is it philanthropy? 
  • What companies sponsor what?
  • What are my assets?
  • What goes in my proposal?
  • How much money can I really get?

This workshop is recommended for development and marketing departments and other key personnel, which may include curators, programs, graphic arts, finance, etc. It can also be structured for Executive teams and Board enrichment.

Mission-based Stewardship

Every donor is important. And they deserve to be made to feel important. 

But stewardship can become unruly without a strategic program. Some donors are left behind while you run in circles to satisfy the requests of others. And all the while, that big grant application is left undone.

Remember, your donors are with you because they believe in the cause. (And you're really fun to be around). 

This 3-hour interactive workshop will guide you and your team in creating a stewardship program that is all about your organization, will have donors feeling special and prioritizes your time. 

We're Better with Data

Data is an amazing asset. This 3-hour workshop will teach you how to uncover meaningful information about your:

  • Current Donors
  • Market
  • Team's Performance

You will learn how to ask your data questions that will reveal insights about your operation and inform future strategies.

If your organization is considering employing data enrichment services, do this workshop first.

Prospect Research

Inform your solicitations with comprehensive prospect research profiles. This 2-hour workshop will:

  • Show you where to find information (free and subscription)
  • Help you understand what kinds of information are relevant
  • Teach you how to connect what you've learned with your organization's mission to inform solicitations

With comprehensive prospect research profiles, your fundraisers will feel more confident and their asks will be more strategic.




Strategic Planning and Plans

Plan your work and work your plan.

Capital Campaign

Fund Development Audit

Photo by hudiemm/iStock / Getty Images
Are you making best use of the resources on hand?

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes and a thoughtful, contemplative approach to liven up your fundraising operation.

  • Our fund development audit will consider your organization's financials, database and processes
  • We will perform in-depth, focused interviews with staff
  • We will review successes and failures of your recent campaigns. (Stop it, failure is not a dirty word, it means we learned something)

The Audit process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. We will present our findings and recommendations in a 6-hour offsite retreat (on us) to help you and your team feel open to and energized by the new ideas we share with you.

KAF Catalyst provides a range of expertise in planning and guiding fundraising plans for capital projects. We execute fundraising feasibility studies and build plans for future and current campaigns, including those that are struggling or in the very last (and taking too long) leg. Beyond planning, we perform research, write proposals, help you strategically plan solicitations and we even provide direct sales support if you're understaffed. Whew, now let's go make this happen.

If your fundraising is feeling stagnant or if you have a newer team, a fund development audit is a really good idea.